The city of exploration, amusement and inspiration, Manipal is the cleanest in India, it is well known for its greenery and is considered as a student’s hub. With people coming from all across the world, Manipal opens opportunities to make new friends and memories. The city is dominated by the students and has most of the recreational spots as per their needs. There are tons of food outlets with different cuisines to offer, one can’t miss their hometown easily with a wide variety of food available in Manipal. Students from different cities and countries explore different cuisines and adapt to different flavors and aromas. Over time, every student finds comfort in a particular food or food outlet.

I came to Manipal 4 years ago and the one thing I was most concerned about was missing good food. But over time I realized that Manipal has soo many food outlets and new flavors to offer that I started enjoying the new experience. I explored something new every day, being a foodie, having something nice for dinner was the most awaited part of my day because Manipal never left me out of options.

The fun multiplies when you go with your other foodie friends who also like to experiment with different kinds of food.

My first food outlet in Manipal was Dollops, it’s a nice warm place with cozy ambiance and food loved by all, at good rates. I loved their Chicken Biryani and even though I’m not someone with a sweet tooth, I loved their brownie with ice cream. They have a lot of other food options and cuisines as well. The place is mostly crowded, which explains the good food and affordability it offers.

Egg factory or now known as Hadiqa is a very famous and old food outlet with amazing food, service, and ambiance. This particular place became my all-time favorite and we used to go there at least once a week. They offer a great variety of exotic food, desserts, and beverages. They are well known for their portions of pasta and pizzas that come with a unique look and taste. From foreign students to day scholars, all the foodies can be seen here. I have tried almost everything on their menu and my favorite remains to be the Chicken Stroganoff and Veg Spaghetti with Fresh Mozzarella.

KMC Food court became an everyday option until I discovered home, Basil Cafe. Basil is well known for its hospitality and variety of cuisine it offers, one can explore food from all parts of the world under one roof. Health-conscious need not worry about food options anymore, as Basil provides the best Chicken Broccoli Salad and many other healthy options in their menu. They too have amazing desserts, biscuit pudding being their specialty. The calm and pleasant ambiance accompanied by soft music and good food makes it a must-go-to option for every student and a comfortable place for some. Meals at Basil became regular and I managed to try everything on their menu. My favorite from Basil was the continental dishes which was something really new for me, their sauces have a nice thick creamy texture with amazing flavors bursting in the mouth. I also love their Purple Haze, it is basically Sprite but with a lovely twist.

The famous Karawali is a must-try food outlet. It’s the best place to dine in for experiencing authentic Mangalorean cuisine. Their prawn and fish curries are just beautiful and compliment well with the Neer dosa.

For a low budget yet filling and healthy meal one can surely make their way to Coast Asia. Their fish thalis are super tasty and pocket-friendly. They make their own ice cream and it’s worth giving a try. 

Currently, my newly discovered favorite food is from Grub Monkeys, their Buffalo Sauce Chicken Burger is absolutely a delight, unlike most of the dry burgers that I have had, this particular burger is saucy, juicy and has amazing flavors presented between the buns.

I can probably go on and on about the food in Manipal but the above-mentioned ones are truly my favorites.

Manipal failed to make me homesick as much as I imagined and it’s mainly because of the amazing food we get here.


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