It has been 18 years since this historic national fest was first hosted and today it continues the tradition of being conceptualized, organized and executed by WGSHA students. 

The events held may be different every year, but the spirit of excitement, innovation, collaboration, contribution, and teamwork remains steadfast as ever! The event inspires the future workforce to bring out the best in themselves and each other. The presence of industry leaders and experts acts as a catalyst in this process as they interact and provide feedback to the next generation of movers and shakers in hospitality.

WGSHA Quest provides all participants with an opportunity to bring learning to life. It provides everyone with a chance to be creative, develops leadership skills and teaches how to work in a team.

The Quest Team is dedicated to hosting an event buzzing with creativity and excitement for all participants.  Research, innovation, teamwork, gallons of tea, lots of midnight snacks and hard work goes into creating each unique competition of the event. All the participating teams get a chance to join forces and interact with each other. Manipal, the best student town in the country, welcomes all participants to explore and feel the magic of this unique destination during their stay.


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